Learn to sew or bake, knit or make - relaxation through creativity


Here are some of the things you can learn to do at Hazel Cottage:

Knitting - learn the basics: how to cast on and off, increase and decrease, read a pattern, try different stitches. Learn more about different yarns, about wool production and how your wooly sheep becomes your wooly jumper. Knit a little bag to take home.

Crochet - master the basic technique, learn different stitches and how to decipher a pattern and a chart. Learn to crochet a square, a circle, a star, a snowflake, a flower.......

Sewing - learn how to sew using my beautiful Victorian hand sewing machine. How to choose fabric, use a pattern, pin, tack and stitch. How to neaten edges, bind and hem. How to put in a zip or just sew on a button!

Patchwork and Applique - learn some basic patchwork techniques to use to make beautiful things for your home. Learn some applique techniques to embellish your sewing.

Embroidery - learn how to transfer a pattern and work basic stitches - satin stitch, stem stitch, blanket stitch, back stitch, laisy daisy, french knots.....

Tapestry - learn to create beautiful pictures or patterns with wool on canvas, you don't need to buy expensive kits, just unleash your creativity!

Rag rug making - try hooking scraps of fabric onto hessian to make a hard wearing and pretty rug. Alternatively, try knitting, crocheting or braiding strips of fabric to produce your rug.

Doughcraft - using dough made of nothing more than flour, salt and water and some simple utensils, it is possible to produce outstanding results with very little practice. Perfect for gifts or decorating your home.

Card making - with bought cards so expensive, it makes sense to have a go at making your own. Come along and have some fun cutting and sticking to create your own designs and get you started.

Make miniatures - learn how to make a simple room box and how to make furniture, soft furnishings and other items to bring your room to life. Try miniature patchwork, tapestry, crochet or embroidery.

Have a fun day experimenting with making your own beauty products - fizzy bath bombes, chocolate shower scrub, oatmeal exfoliating scrub etc

Baking Days - bread,big cakes, little cakes, pastries,biscuits - there's nothing like a baking day!Or a cake decorating session!

Homemade sweets, jam, chutney, marmalade - all make lovely presents and are great to make, I can show you how if you need help to get started.